Comparing average property taxes for all 50 states and D.C.

If it wasn’t before, the strength of Colorado’s real estate market has become apparent over the last five years in which we’ve seen price appreciation of just about 50% across the metro area. Looking back, this is certainly the longest, hottest growth we’ve seen. But historically speaking, real estate in Colorado has been a good investment for a long time. 

What you may not appreciate is how low our effective property tax rates are when compared to other states. Ranked against the rest of the states and District of Columbia, Colorado ranks #48. Not only are our home values rising more quickly than most, but we’re being taxed less on it as we go. Checkout the list here.
If you’re a potential buyer–especially if you’re renting–buying now makes a lot of sense. Let me show you how you can climb aboard the ‘Real Estate Express Train’ and not be left in the station!