What’s going on in the Castle Rock Real Estate market?

Are you noticing a theme this week? Inventory, inventory, and more inventory! Historically speaking, we’re still WAY low on homes for buyers. But, we’re moving into the time of the year with maximum opportunities for would-be buyers out there.

One other thing to note: there are quite a few price decreases showing up to. While price drops are a normal feature of a market, these can be a tendency to price too high because everyone knows ‘the market is SO hot!’ Yes, but the market is still sane. Pricing too high out of the gate means you’re going to be engaging in a fighting retreat, with Buyers trying to whittle you down and give you less favorable terms. Pricing well, or even a little under the market with the right strategy, means you create a dynamic where buyers compete for your property, often raising the price and improving the terms.