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8z Castle Rock

Having bought, sold and owned/managed rental properties in the Dallas, Detroit and Denver metro areas, with experience in residential, commercial and undeveloped properties, Ive experienced the critical importance in ones selection of a real estate broker. Theres lots of them out there--lots of brokers and brokerages clamoring for your business and making all kinds of claims and promises. How do you select one? The decision is consequential. In my experience, its a very small portion of them that are committed to and capable of providing great above-and-beyond service in handling your real estate transaction. Theres even fewer that go beyond the financial and legal aspects to guide you in finding a community and culture that will help your family feel genuinely at home to thrive. 8z is one of those brokerages and Im one of those brokers. With 17 years of executive experience in the non-profit sector serving families prior to focusing on real estate as a full-time career, I bring an added dimension to serving you. Beyond the technical skill, effective communication and transparency in the transaction that you should expect as a baseline from a real estate professional, I help bring clarity about the fit a particular neighborhood and community has for your entire family. You will not find a real estate company more committed and successful in fixing whats broken and raising the bar for the whole industry. From our industry-leading technology to ethics and professionalism that should characterize everyone else, the whole team of real estate agents, in-house title and mortgage people, and rentals division, well do whatever it takes to address your needs.